Quick Overview

Please consult your doctor before using the app.

The goal of the Fat Burn Beats application is to help with losing weight and keeping a healthy bodyweight. We can achieve this with diversity and regular training. The Fat Burn Beats app does not make the workouts easier but it does make them smarter and more efficent.

Fat Burn Beats + Heart Rate Monitor

Why is training with a heart rate monitor better?

  • Precise and instantaneous feedback of the sate of your body, endurance, tiredness etc.
  • Much more precise calculation of burned calories.
  • With the help of heart rate zones a more efficent workouts can be formed.
  • Running Smoothness for more consistent running.
    Wahoo TICKRx or TICKR Run is required.
    What is running smoothness?
Wahoo - TICKRx Heart Rate Monitor
Wahoo TICKRx Heart Rate Monitor


The Workout Detailed View is uniquely customizable. The results are contained by separate cells that you can modify to your liking.

  • Show / Hide cell
  • Order cell
  • Cell color
  • Cell size
  • Font color
  • Font weight
  • Font size
Workout View - Health and Fitness Application Workout View Select Color - Health and Fitness Application Workout View Customize - Health and Fitness Application
Customize a Workout View cell

The color of workout history and saved workouts are also customizable.

  • Dark or light background color
  • 22 Accent colors
History - Health and Fitness App Workout detail - Health and Fitness App
History & Workout Detail View