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With the left button you can set the background and with the right button you can set the Accent color. The Accent color affects the History, the Workout Detailed View and the webpage.


On the left you can set the goal type, on the right the goal's values. The Wokout View's "GOAL" cell, visible during a workout, shows the currently achieved state in a percentage.

In the already saved Workout Detailed View you can see the achieved goal's values. Furthermore on the webpage the achieved goal appears in a rating form.

Heart Rate

It is important to set the Resting (HRmin) and Maximum (HRmax) values as precisely as possible. You can choose multiple alternatives when setting the HRmax valuse, but the most precise is the 12 minute measurement.. It is recommended to repeat this process every few months.


Giving precise personal information helps calculating calories, heart rate maximum and zones. We can get more precise results in calorie calculations if you use a heart rate monitor.


At the start of a workout sports appear. Here you can set which sports should be visible and in what order.

Data Sources
With the help of Drag & Drop you can set how the application collects information.

By setting the order you can set the priority. For example, if the Wahoo TICKRx is set for the highest priority in "PACE & SPEED ON FOOT" and you don't have your heart rate monitor (Wahoo TICKRx) on when beginning the workout, the application will automatically collect the data of the iPhone Motion in the second place. If the application can't find the data source set as first, then it will search for other sensors, but only in the first 2 minutes after starting a workout.

First Day of the Week
Can be set to Sunday or Monday. We made sure the summaries and statistics are easily comprehensible for everyone.

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