Workout View

Connecting the heart rate monitor

Equip the heart rate monitor and wait for it to automatically connect with the application, indicated by the pulsing start button. Upon a successful connection you can see the connected sensors and the real time heart-rate.

Workout Connect Heart Rate Monitor Workout Connected Heart Rate Monitor
The Start button pulses while it is connecting to the heart rate monitor | Heart rate monitor connected

Starting workouts

Start the workout with the Start button. Here you can choose your desired sport. The workout starts at -10 seconds, so you can put down the device conveniently.

Saving workouts

Press the Pause button and then the Done button. These workouts will only be available on your device.

Workout Detail Start Workout Detail Save Done
Workout Start | Pause & Done to Save Workout

Cell size

Double-tap on a cell to increase its size. Double-tap again to set it back to the original size.

Cell order

Press any cell for 3 seconds. On the left you can set the visibility of the cell, on the right you can set the order with the help of drag & drop. To exit the editing, press the cell again for 3 seconds.

Cell customization

Cell color, font color and font weight can be set. Tap the Pause button. Slide the cell you want to edit to the left and choose what you want to modify.

Workout Cell Double Size Workout Cell Order
Double Size | Order
Workout Cell Customization Workout Cell Customization 2 Workout Cell Customization 3
Cell Customization