Running Smoothness & Analytic

Measurement requires Wahoo TICKRx.

Wahoo - TICKRx Heart Rate Monitor
Wahoo TICKRx Heart Rate Monitor

What is running smoothness?

Both the TICKR X and the TICKR Run measure running smoothness, which is a measure of running form. It is a combined measure of body motion and impact shocks in 3 directions. On average, runners have a running smoothness index of 100. If your form is more smooth your running smoothness index will be higher. If your form is not quite as smooth your running smoothness index will be lower.

How is running smoothness measured?

Running smoothness is calculated from 3-axes accelerometer data. It is calculated from the rate of change of the acceleration (in physics this is defined as ‘jerk’) in all three directions.

Why should I care about running smoothness?

Both independent research and our own in-house testing have shown that generally speaking better runners are smoother runners. Avoiding unnecessary body motions and reducing impact shocks improves running efficiency and reduces the risk of common running injuries.

How do I use running smoothness to improve my form?

Because no two runners are the same, the ideal running form is different from person to person. Our recommended way to use running smoothness is to make small adjustments to your form and see how it affects the running smoothness index for you. General improvements to running form that work for many runners and that will result in an improved running smoothness index are keeping the core more stable (e.g. minimize sideways swaying), reducing impact (e.g. land with slightly bent knees) and increasing turn over rate.

You can track your smoothness in the workout history to see if your running form is getting smoother over time. Furthermore, runners’ form usually degrades when they are getting fatigued - you can track the running smoothness index during a run to see how fatigue affects your form, and use it to maintain that good form you had when you were still fresh.

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Fat Burn Beats + Running Smoothness

Measurements will automatically start after starting the running workout. It may take a few minutes to collect data at the beginning of a workout. After saving the workout you can see detailed information about the workout in Workout Detailed View and on the webpage as well.

These information are:

  • 50 - 150 IDX where 150 is the best result.
  • The Smoothness value is an average of the X Y Z values.
    • Smoothness
    • X side-to-side
    • Y up-down
    • Z forward-backward
    • Ground contact
    • Vertical oscillation
Workout Detail Running Smoothness Chart Workout Detail Running Smoothness Chart 2
Workout Detail - Running Smoothness Charts
Wahoo - TICKRx Heart Rate Monitor
Wahoo TICKRx Heart Rate Monitor